Staff Directory

Office of the President

Esther Aguilera
President & CEO 

Carmen T. Joge
Vice President, Governance

Jennifer Pichardo
Manager, Executive Affairs & Board Liaison

Janet Arias
Senior Manager of Alumni Relations


Ruben J. Gonzales
Vice President, Philanthropy

Gretchen Class
Director, Corporate Relations

Lorraine Carrasco
Senior Specialist, Corporate and Individual Philanthropy

Aarón Almada
Senior Specialist, Foundations and Individual Philanthropy

Finance & Administration

Debby Blazquez
Vice President, Finance & Administration

Garrett Michael
Senior Manager, Finance & Administration

Linda Thoms
Director, HR & Administration

LeRoy Latimore II
Controller, Finance & Administration

Jennifer Sharifian
Specialist, Finance & Administration

Claudia Rivera
Administrative Assistant

Programs Department

William R. Gil
Vice President, Programs

Reynaldo Decerega
Senior Director, Leadership Programs

Marie Hughes Chough
Director of College Access & Readiness Programs

Evelyn Garcia Morales
Senior Manager, Leadership Programs

Felipe Bohórquez
Senior Specialist of Scholarships

Crista Arias
Associate Manager of College Programs

Karla Acevedo
Associate Manager of High School Leadership Programs

Francisco Mazariegos
College Programs Specialist

Eric Hernandez
Professional Programs Specialist

Strategic Communications & Events

Gloria M. Garcia
Vice President, Strategic Communications & Events

Scott Gunderson Rosa
Director, Public Relations & Media

Angelia Bland
Senior Director, Events

Marisa Preuss
Director, Marketing & Communications

Estefanie Maldonado
Associate Manager, Events

Eduardo González
Manager, Marketing & Communications

Irving Burbano
Manager, Public Relations & Media

Cindy M. Andrade
Events Specialist, Events