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Alumni in Elected & Appointed Office

Luis Ayala
City of Alhambra
Alhambra, CA
1997-1998 CHCI Fellow

Anthony Alcoser
Member- Board of Trustees
Harlandale ISD
San Antonio, Texas
2003 Intern

Ben Cardenas
Member- Board of Education
Montebello Unified School District
Montebello, CA
2002-2003 Fellow

Alejandra Castillo
Member- Board of Trustees
University of the District of Columbia
1992-1993 Fellow

Abel Herrero
State Representative
Texas House of Representatives
1992 Intern

 Liza Rodriguez
Bexar County Court #8
San Antonio, TX
1993-1994 Fellow

José G. Pérez
City of Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI
1996 Intern

Jessie Ulibarri
State Senator
Colorado Senate
2006-2007 Fellow

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Alumnus of the Month

Bryan Diaz - December 2014 Junior Alumni of the Month

Student: Bryan Diaz
CHCI Program: 2012 R2L NextGen
School: Florida International University
Hometown: Doral, Florida

R2L NextGen junior alumni Bryan Diaz was born in Havana, Cuba, and came to the United States of the tender age of six. As a first-generation college student, he is proud to be the first in his family to pursue a degree and aspires to be a change agent in the medical field. Bryan is currently studying at Florida International University (FIU) and is concentrating on a degree in psychology with a minor in chemistry and biology.

The medical field and being of service to others is at Bryan’s core. Growing up, he wore a torso brace for five years to help him with his scoliosis, a medical condition that causes abnormal curves of the spine or backbone. His early experiences have shaped his aspirations to one day become an orthopedic surgeon and help with preventative treatment of scoliosis.

One of the ways that Bryan is making strides towards his future is by serving as president of the Students Taking Initiative Through Collaboration in Honors (STITCH) at FIU. STITCH is a club for students who are enrolled in the pre-medical track at the university. Prior to becoming the president of this organization, Bryan participated in the Nicaragua Medical Brigade during his school’s alternative spring break. During this 9-day program, Bryan and eight of his peers provided dental and medical assistance to the poorest parts of Nicaragua.

Bryan attributes his passion to serve back to his experience with CHCI. In 2012, Bryan was one of four high school students from Miami, Florida from a cohort of 40 students from across the country who participated in R2L NextGen. He heard about the program on television through a CHCI public service announcement on Univision, and knew that this was a unique opportunity. After witnessing sponsors and members of congress give generously of their time during the program, Bryan felt inspired to give back.

Bryan says the program was “a phenomenal experience learning about the nation’s capitol and meeting like minded peers.” He added, “To be a part of a network of students who are like me, driven and also have big goals is inspiring and continues to be my favorite part of my R2L NextGen experience.”  CHCI is proud to have Bryan as part of the CHCI Familia!

To support CHCI’s programs like R2L NextGen, please visit: https://www.chci.org/donate/donate.asp   

Past Alumni of the Month

Mariana Kihuen - December 2014 Alumnus of the Month
Henry Fernandez - November 2014 Alumnus of the Month
Ricardo Zavala - September 2014 Alumnus of the Month
Miryam Catherine Granthon-Gerdine - August 2014 Alumnus of the Month
Angelica Reza Wind - July 2014 Alumna of the Month
Ray Mateo - June 2014 Alumni of the Month
Hayde Calderon - May 2014 Alumni of the Month
Arnoldo Avalos - April 2014 Alumni of the Month
Elizabeth Cedillo - March 2014 Alumni of the Month
Marvin Figueroa - February 2014 Alumnus of the Month
Cris Garza - January 2014 Alumnus of the Month
Jaden Felix - December 2013 Alumni of the Month
2013 Distinguished Alumni - October/November 2013 Alumni of the Month
Fabiola Carrion - September 2013 Alumnus of the Month
Juan C. Otero- August 2013 Alumnus of the Month
Norma Dominguez - July 2013 Alumni of the Month
Francisco Heredia - June 2013 - Alumnus of the Month
Raymond Rico - May 2013 Alumnus of the Month
Alejandra Castillo - April 2013 Alumnus of the Month
Yara Lorenzo - March 2013 Alumnus of the Month
Antonio E. Sandoval & Milagros “Mimi” Aledo-Sandoval - Alumni Couple of the Month
Abel Herrero - January 2013
Jessie Mosqueda - December 2012
Kenia Seoane Lopez - CHCI Alumnus November 2012
Hon. Liza Rodriguez - 2012 Distinguished Alumnus & October 2012 Alumnus
Melissa Chabran - CHCI Alumnus June 2012
Jessie Ulibarri - CHCI Alumnus May 2012
Congressional Staff-CHCI Alumni April 2012
Anthony Alcoser-CHCI Alumnus March 2012
Diana Mendoza-CHCI Alumnus February 2012
Betsaida Alcantara-CHCI Alumnus December 2011
Orson Aguilar - CHCI 2011 Distinguished Alumnus & September 2011 Alumnus
Cynthia T. Cruz-CHCI Alumnus August 2011
Miguel Lopez - CHCI Alumnus July 2011
Alejandro Becerra - CHCI Alumnus June 2011
Staff Members for the Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy - CHCI Alumnus May 2011
Happy 30th Anniversary CHCI Fellowship Program!
Raul Magdaleno - CHCI Alumnus March 2011
Carlos Elizondo -- CHCI Alumnus December 2010
Ana M. Polanco -- CHCI Alumnus April 2010
Sami Hamed -- CHCI Alumnus March 2010
Couple Edition -- CHCI Alumnus February 2010
CHCI Alumni Association Chapters' Special Edition - October 2009
Edith Rocío Robles -- CHCI Alumnus August 2009
Silvia Inéz Salazar--CHCI Alumnus July 2009
Francisco J. Uribe CHCI Alumnus June 2009
Heidy Servin-Baez CHCI Alumnus April 2009
March 2009: White House Edition
William (Bill) Arce CHCI Alumnus February 2009
Stephanie Valencia CHCI Alumnus January 2009
Miguel Ayala CHCI Alumnus December 2008
Eric Rodriguez-CHCI Alumnus November 2008
Sonia Ramirez CHCI Alumnus October 2008
Mildred Otero CHCI Alumnus September 2008
Juan Ciscomani CHCI Alumus August 2008
Leo Prieto CHCI Alumnus July 2008
Octavio Saenz CHCI Alumnus June 2008