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Week One: First Week in Washington, DC

Vanessa Gomez

Welcome to the professional world with some nice cushioning to ease the blow! The first week of our CHCI summer experience was perfectly planned, calibrated, and executed. To facilitate our professional development, the CHCI team thought of every possible workshop to aid our transition to the real world and also the microcosm of DC. Writing workshops, etiquette training and public safety briefings assured us that our internships would begin without the little mistakes we wish didn’t happen. Which fork do I use again?! The various representatives from national organizations offered insight into how our experiences here will ensure our effectiveness as future leaders in the global community. Early morning 9am sessions, yes 9 am is early after a few weeks of summer vacation, started out with a great breakfast and an even more amazing staff. The highlight for the first week was the CHCI family. Whether it was an alumni intern/fellow who spoke to our group, or the CHCI staff, he or she always took the time to offer the wisdom of his or her experience.