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Week Seven: Reflect on CHCI Experience

Jefrey Velasquez

Before coming here, I thought that I would get the opportunity to meet President Obama. The reason was that in the media they made it seem that he was all over DC. That gave me the impression that I would run into him. I was a little disappointed, but it did not take always from me having fun. Even though I did not meet President Obama, I did make strong connections with the follow interns. The advice I will share with the incoming interns will be enjoy yourself and work hard. At the end of the day you make the best out of this experience. Also I will like to remind them that there are many people that will love to be in their position, and take advantage of it.

Week Five: Giving Back to Our Community

Jefrey Velasquez

Last Friday, July 2nd, we all went to help Habitat for Humanity at a build site. Honestly, it was a very rewarding feeling because I knew that I was doing something special for people that I might never meet. During the course of the day I realize that I was not a construction type and I gained more respect for people that choose to work in the field of building. I would tell young Latinos that they should give back to their communities because life is a big circle. Sometimes you are on top and there might be times when you are at the bottom. This can mean economically, emotionally, etc. As future leaders, they have to invest in their communities so it can flourish and become beautiful. If not the cycle will continue and there will be no positivity.

Week Three: Highlights of the Hill

Jefrey Velasquez

The main highlight of this week for me was getting to know the staff in my office. The first week, I felt like I did not belong and people barely spoke to me which made me feel a little uncomfortable. I knew that I had to make it my goal to get to know the staff bettter. When this week began, I started to make conversation with my follow staffers. It also helps that the World Cup is going on because the games helps to clear the tension of work. I enjoy going to briefings because I have the opportunity to see presentions about differnt issues. I am having a great time.