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Daisa Guilarte

Hyde Park, MA

Daisa Guilarte - Entry 4

July 20, 2009

As a young Latino, interning in Washington, D.C., how do you feel watching the confirmation hearing for the first possible Hispanic on the United States Supreme Court?

It feels amazing to be on the Hill during this incredible time in our history. I was lucky enough to have been able to attend the hearing and although we were only allowed to sit in for 30 minutes, I felt very fortunate to be there. Sonia Sotomayor is a true example of the results of hard work and an incredible judge. I greatly admire her and will never forget the moment I walked into the room and awe I felt at being able to share in this piece of history. She is a true inspiration for us all and I'm sure will make an incredible Supreme Court Justice.


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Daisa Guilarte - Entry 2

June 30, 2009

What has been the most challenging moment during your first three weeks of the internship?

The most challenging moment was definitely my first day at the office. I joined the group of interns late and had a huge learning curve to adjust to.

What has been the coolest moment during the first three weeks of your internship?

Taking a class on how to give a tour on Capitol Hill.

What experience has most inspired you thus far and why?

A conversation I had with a fellow intern about the role of politics in our lives. This conversation opened my eyes to a brand new understanding of politics.

If you had to make up a slogan, ten words or less, that represents your internship experience thus far, what would it be?

You cannot know where you are headed, until you know truly where you come from.

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Daisa Guilarte - Entry 1

June 18, 2009

Please describe your first week in Washington, D.C.

One word: INCREDIBLE, simply incredible.

The people I have met as well as my experiences have far exceeded the many great expectations I had for this program. I have learned a great deal in the last week regarding what it takes to be a leader and succeed in the fast-paced yet very rewarding environment that is D.C.

From learning how to properly network and get the best out of the internship to meeting incredible people during the networking events and orientation, this week has proved to me that CHCI will indeed be a life-changing program for me.

I am inspired and astonished by everyone I have met and feel especially blessed to be surrounded by the incredible group of young men and women with whom I share this incredible experience. Today marks the end of my third day as an intern for Senator Kennedy's office and I have already been in the presence of incredible leaders like John McCain and Joe Biden.

I never, in my wildest dreams, could have imagined having the opportunity to meet such amazing leaders and be in the presence of the incredible work that happens in Congress. I feel immensely blessed to be taking part in this program and expect much more in the weeks ahead.

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