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Jasmine Rosa

Port Charlotte, FL

Jasmine Rosa - Entry 3

July 10, 2009

As a CHCI intern, you will be conducting a community service project on the 2010 Census. Why is this issue important to you and how do you think it impacts the Latino community?

Cuantate. Be counted. I never knew how important it was to fill out the census until having the chance to listen to different speakers talk about it and having the opportunity to make an impact by focusing on the 2010 Census for our community service project.

I realized that the census is the single most important data research for the Latino community as well as others. The census gives us a chance to show the world that we are truly growing in numbers and faster than you can blink.

It is especially important to me because now I see how all the programs that helped me when I was homeless and assisted with my leadership development get funded when I was in New York. I am truly appreciative of the census because it allocates billions and billions of dollars in government funding to programs like this who reach people like me.

My career goal is to be the director of my own non-profit organization that will serve underprivileged youth, empower them to develop positive life skills through participation in performing arts, and expand awareness of the important role that performing arts can play as a unifying force in a community of diverse cultures.

So, what does this mean? This organization will keep youth off the streets and promote academic excellence in school to become a nation of successful leaders. I will help promote understanding of youth diversity and give them a positive self esteem. The census will ultimately help me with my non-profit by funding our purpose and definitely impacting our Latino community.

Lastly, it defines who we are as a nation. It shows the multitude of cultures and why we are the melting pot of the world. If you want to see a change in the world, you must be the change- Be COUNTED!

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Jasmine Rosa - Entry 1

June 19, 2009

Please describe your first week in Washington, D.C.

Wow, My first week in Washington D.C has gone by so quickly. I have made so many new friends, new memories and new experiences.

I am so glad that CHCI has given me this opportunity to learn about the legislative process and to meet other future leaders. I am so appreciative of all my fellow interns and of their successes.

Some of the highlights of this past week were definitely meeting the CHCI staff, meeting new interns and experiencing new places. One place in particular was the I Have a Dream block on the Lincoln Memorial. That experience meant so much to me because Martin Luther King Jr's and so many others' dream is coming true.

Just by working on the Hill and partaking in the mass change occurring in the United States shows how far we came ever since that speech was made. Just by standing where MLK gave his address made me feel empowered.

This first week will be followed by many more memories showing the change and knowledge we will have received. From the presentations to the heavy debates, this past week has been filled with happiness and I thank everyone for the wonderful experiences.

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