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Adriana Cortes

Anaheim, CA

Adriana Cortes - Entry 2

June 30, 2009

What has been the most challenging moment during your first three weeks of the internship?

My most challenging moment has been to be with a group of young Latina/os who do not all share the same progressive vision of justice and equality for all people. It has been disheartening trying to argue with some fellow colleagues about why European centrism is not acceptable. It has been a challenge to come to an understanding and an acceptance that we live under a hegemonic culture which teaches self hate as much as it teaches hatred of others, and that some of my colleagues, which are also some of the leaders of tomorrow, are also victims of that marginalization and ideology.

What has been the coolest moment during the first three weeks of your internship?

The coolest moment throughout my first three weeks has been when we went to Virginia and did a ropes course together. I felt that our group learned a lot about working as a team. I also saw individuals grow and learn more about themselves. It was really fun to run around, laugh and get dirty, not to mention how beautiful and peaceful the landscape in Virginia was.

What experience has most inspired you thus far and why?

The experience that has most inspired me thus far was rallying on for the federal DREAM Act and I met a couple of students that had traveled from Texas. They had fundraised money back home so they could rent two vans and drive to D.C. and join the rally. They drove non-stop for 26 hours. Their group consisted of college and high school students, it reminded me of how we have to be fierce and fight for what our community needs. It reminded me that college students should not live in a bubble and that we should be cultivating the next generation of leaders alongside us.

If you had to make up a slogan, ten words or less, that represents your internship experience thus far, what would it be?

A experience that is surreal, a human tossed in the middle of the political machine.

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