The 2010 Census is Here!

Take Ten Minutes to Make a Difference

This week marks the delivery of the 2010 Census forms to households around the country and your 2010 Census form should have arrived in your mailbox. The process is simple. Take ten minutes to answer ten short questions and return the form by mail in the pre-paid envelope provided.

A complete and accurate count of all Hispanics in 2010 will ensure that education dollars are allocated where they are needed most for the next decade.  The Latino community's future strength depends on having our voices heard and being COUNTED in the 2010 Census!


CHCI Chair Nydia M. Velázquez speaks at the Latino 2010 Census Summit on March 17, 2010. 

CHCI has partnered with the ya es hora ¡HAGASE CONTAR! campaign and the United States Census Bureau, and calls on you to ensure that every Latino is counted in the 2010 Census.

The census is easy and positively affects hundreds of people in your community.  Every voice is important, and together, makes the collective voice of America.

The information you provide is completely confidential. Your information is protected, under federal law, from any government agency or court.

March 22-27 -- National Census Week of Action

National Census Week of Action will feature campaign volunteers' nationwide efforts to educate and motivate the masses. Volunteers will target hard-to-reach populations such as the poor, minority, and immigrant communities to ensure that no population group is left out of the 2010 Census.

Click here for events taking place in your community.

Children Count Too

Featuring Dora the Explorer, the popular children's cartoon character, the Census Bureau has teamed up with Nickelodeon to launch the "Children Count Too" initiative reminding parents to count babies and children on the census form.. Children have historically represented a large portion of the Census undercount.  Local communities rely on census information to plan for schools, child care, health and other critical services.

To learn more about children census participation, click here.

How College Students Affect the Census

College students comprise a vital portion of census statistics. The Census contributes to decisions regarding federal loans, tuition and grant opportunities.

Students residing at schools in dorms, residence halls, and sorority or fraternity houses, will receive census forms. Each student should complete and return a form based on where they currenty live at school. Residence life and housing staff are working with Census Bureau employees to distribute and collect the forms.

Census forms will be delivered or mailed by street name and house or apartment to students living off campus.

As a student, here's what you can do to help ensure a complete count:

  • Volunteer to help (see information in right column)
  • Talk to other students
  • Raise awareness of the Census on campus
  • Stay connected with online Census tools

To learn more about student census participation, click here.

What can I do?

Be a part of the ya es hora ¡HAGASE CONTAR! movement that is mobilizing local leaders, elected officials and grassroots organizations.

  • Encourage your neighbors, family, friends, church members, co-workers, and more to complete their census forms and mail them back immediately.
  • Volunteer and/or attend a community forum to spread the word.
  • Contact your elected officials and suggest they host a local community event to spread information and increase participation.
  • Post information on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networking sites.
  • Display Census material to increase visibility and share information.
  • Get the latest campaign developments, critical updates on the 2010 Census, and new materials to share by subscribing to the ya es hora newsletter.
  • Receive text messages from ya es hora by texting CENSUS to 62571.

What is CHCI doing?

The CHCI Alumni Association in partnership with NALEO is hosting Community Assistance Forums on March 27th throughout the U.S. to assist with census form completion.

For more information regarding CHCI alumni chapter participation and location, please contact CHCI Graduate Program and Policy Manager Saúl Peña at

CHCI Fellows are completing a series of outreach activities to inform  the community about the importance of their participation in the 2010 Census.  On March 14, 2010, the fellows teamed up with the parishioners of Cathedral of St. Matthew, the Apostle Catholic Church in Washington, D.C. Census material was distributed after the Spanish mass to attendees. The fellows were glad to provide information to the Spanish speaking congregation, especially since so many parishioners in attendance were eager to learn more about the Census.

To learn more about the Public Policy Fellows Census current events, click here.

For more information, please visit our partner Web sites.

ya es hora

U.S. Census Bureau

Sample Census Form

Census Community Forums and Job Training Opportunities

2010 Census Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Center numbers:

Puerto Rico
1-866-939-2010 (English)
1-866-929-2010 (Spanish)

Beginning March 19 through April 19, Be Counted questionnaires will be available in public locations, such as libraries, within your community and at Questionnaire Assistance Centers where census workers will be available to answer questions.

For locations, click here.

The U.S. Census Bureau is Hiring!

Hundreds of thousands are needed for temporary jobs.

Apply today by contacting your Local Census Office or by calling 1-866-861-2010 .

2010 Census Calendar

Mar 22-27, 2010

National Census Week of Action

April 1, 2010
Census Day

May 1-July 10, 2010
Census workers visit households that did not return a questionnaire by mail

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