2nd Annual CHCI Latino Innovation Recognition

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Call for Submissions

Deadline August 20, 2010 

Join CHCI in showcasing Latino talent, innovation, and leadership in the green economy at the 2010 Public Policy Conference.

For the second consecutive year CHCI's Public Policy Conference will feature a substantive dialogue on the green economy and green jobs.  At the Closing Plenary session, Reps. Cardoza and Lujan will lead an expert panel on the key issues facing the U.S. and its neighbors in Central and South America. The session will also showcase Latino entrepreneurs, innovators, and initiatives spearheaded by Latinos across the country promoting a greener economy and green jobs, thus providing a forum to demonstrate Latino talent, innovation, and leadership in the green economy.

"Many Working families are disproportionately affected by pollution and that is why green technologies hold great promise not only for our economy, but for the betterment of Latinos. I look forward to recognizing the many trailblazing Latinos that are championing the advancement of renewable energy sources. We must forge ahead and seize opportunities so that when we reach the year 2030, young Latinos are in a position to lead, compete and succeed."
- Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez, CHCI Chair

Please alert CHCI to any entrepreneurs, innovators, and participants in initiatives spearheaded by Latinos across the country that promote a greener economy and green jobs by e-mailing Janet Scheren at scherenj@gmail.com or by sending the Call for Submissions form to your nominees.

Download file 2010 CHCI Call for Submissions

Please submit Latino innovators for recognition in Green Initiatives and Green Technology.

Recognition will take place at the 2010 CHCI Public Policy Conference, Closing Plenary Session, "Green Economy in our Hemisphere" on Tuesday, September 14, 2010.

Submission deadline is August 20, 2010.

Submissions should include the following:
• name of the company or initiative to be recognized
• city and state where the initiative is headquartered or being conducted
• name of the nominator (the name of a Congressional Hispanic Caucus member or other individual who has recommended the project for recognition)
• a brief description of 150 words or less about the initiative and its relevance to the Latino community, and
• a high resolution image (jpg format) related to the project, enterprise, or person

Submissions must be provided in a Word document; the jpg image should be attached to the e-mail as a separate file (do not embed the jpg in the Word document).

For examples, please view 2009 submissions.


ALL new submissions will be recognized in a visual presentation at the end of the plenary highlighted by CHCI Chair Nydia Velázquez, incorporated in a special session handout, and highlighted on the CHCI Web site.

Submitters attending the session will be asked to stand for recognition. In addition, the descriptions and photographs will be posted on the CHCI Web site. This is a great way for Members of Congress to highlight initiatives in their districts, for corporations to showcase Latino initiatives within their ranks, and for Latino entrepreneurs to gain recognition for their efforts.

The Imperative

The green economy is becoming a reality with the promise of well-paying manufacturing jobs, management and sales opportunities, and a plethora of entrepreneurial opportunities for students and others looking for alternative careers. These initiatives are important for our community as well. Green jobs provide healthy work environments, along with cleaner air and safer conditions for local communities. Minorities and the poor are disproportionately affected by pollution, making this initiative an environmental justice imperative as well as an economic priority.

Congress is focused on this promising new sector of our economy and sees it as one way to provide a "pathway out of poverty" for low-income Americans.  CHCI has targeted these opportunities in its vision for the Latino community, "Towards 2030-Latinos Leading in a Global Innovation Society."

For more information, contact:
Janet Scheren