Fiesta de Golf Scholarship Tournament Rules of Play

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Format: Scramble format, shotgun start with two teams starting at hole. Each group will be responsible for keeping its own score. One (1) score per team per hole. (In order to win you must have 4 players on your team.) No Mulligan's will be sold or permitted during tournament play.

Procedure: On every hole, each member of the team may hit a tee shot. The team then selects one (1) of the tee shots from which to play. All members of the team may then hit from that position or within one (1) club length, no nearer the hole. The procedure is repeated until the ball is holed.

Putting: When putting, the ball must be placed within one (1) putter head length of the selected shot, no nearer to the hole. Inside the Leather: If the ball is between the cup and the bottom of the grip of the putter (i.e., if the ball lies next to the shaft part of the putter) then it is considered holed out, and no further strokes are permitted by the Team.

Lost Balls: In order to speed play, limit search to a maximum of two (2) minutes.

Improving Lie: The ball may be lifted and cleaned on the fairway and then placed within one (1) club length of the original lie, no nearer the hole.
                                                                             South Course                East Course
Closest to the Pin Contest                                  # 3                                         # 4
Closest to the Pin Contest                                  # 15                                      # 16
Women's Longest Drive Contest                     # 14                                      # 11
Men's Longest Drive Contest                           # 1                                         # 2

Score Cards: Each group will be required to turn its scorecard in at the staging area when returning your golf carts upon completion of all eighteen (18) holes.

Scoring: Teams are required to record only one (1) per hole. The victors of the tournament will be the team with the lowest gross score for the day. No handicaps will be utilized.

Playoff: In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided on the basis of the best score for the last nine holes (holes 10-18). If the tying teams have the same score on the last nine, the winner will be based on the last six. If a tie still exists then the last three holes and finally the 18th, to determine the winner. USGA approved.

*Please Pick-up after triple bogey to speed play.

Full Disclosure: We ask that should any member of a foursome be a course professional or a tour card holder, that this information be brought to the attention of the golf committee co-chairs for decision
upon prize eligibility.


Format: Entries will cost $20. Putting Contest will consist of one preliminary round before the tournament commences that is open to all players. Putting contest final will take place post tournament play. Players will be notified on the Contest Board of the top five upon arrival back to the Clubhouse.

Procedure: Each entry is allowed three (3) opportunities for their best putt in the preliminary round. Five (5) players with the best putts will advance to the putting contest finals. Finals will take place immediately following tournament play with five (5) players each receiving one (1) opportunity for their best putt.

Scoring: The winner will be determined by the best putt in the finals and announced by the golf pro onsite.

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