2010 CHCI Spring Interns

Download file 2010 Spring Congressional Interns' Profile

Name: Victor Baten
Hometown: Bonyton Beach, Florida
School: Florida State University
Major: Political Science
Placement: The Office of Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL-18)

My main goal for this internship is to fully understand the functions of the legislative branch.  As an aspiring Public Servant, I want to be versed in the role Congress plays in shaping public policy.  Moreover, I want to understand firsthand how Congress and the Executive branch implement policy.  In addition, I would like to see how the layers of bureaucracy that exist within Congress and the Executive branch affect policy.  Hopefully, with this internship, I can reinforce my interest of working in the public sector and pursuing a Masters in Public Policy.


Name: Limer Batista
Hometown: Bronx, New York
School: Baruch College
Major: Political Science
Placement: The Office of Senator Debbie Stabenow (MI)

In this internship, I want to learn more about the U.S government and its policies.  Through my work at a congressional office and CHCI's leadership training, I hope to have a better understanding of the American legislative processes and to improve my professional and leadership skills.

Name: Stephanie Brosig
Hometown: Laredo, Texas
School: Cornell University
Major: Comparative Literature & Spanish
Placement: The Office of Congressman Joe Baca (CA-43)

Through this valuable opportunity, I hope to discover how I can reflect my cultural background as a first generation Mexican-American in my career and use it to further propel progress for Hispanic communities.  I'm eager to be part of a collaboration that examines how to properly analyze, understand, and effectively implement social justice strategies, as I plan to dedicate my career to issues that affect underprivileged or minority populations.  Through this program, CHCI is allowing me to learn more about Capitol Hill while also encouraging me to continue cultivating my leadership, teamwork, and professional communication skills.

Name: Javier Carmona
Hometown: Giddings, Texas
School: Texas State University, San Marcos
Major: Political Science
Placement: The Office of Congressman Ruben Hinojosa (TX-15)

In the twelve weeks of the Congressional Internship Program, I hope to use the leadership skills that I currently posses to learn how to enhance them and use them effectively.  This will be done through the guidance that I will be receiving from the many effective leaders I will be working with.  Also through the program, the ability to develop better leadership and professional skills will strengthen and mold me into a respectful individual that will hopefully lead me into a very bright future as a Latino in the field of government and politics. 

Name: Casaundra Garcia
Hometown: Las Vegas, New Mexico
School: New Mexico Highlands University
Major: Political Science
Placement: The Office of Congressman Ben R. Lujan (NM-3)

During the twelve weeks of the Congressional Internship Program, I plan on working very diligently to finish all tasks given to me. I hope to accomplish as much as possible, whether it is helping to write bills, legislation, research or whatever is required of me.  I want to learn all I can, improve my leadership skills and strengthen my professional skills.  I am determined to make an impact and help the Member of Congress I am working for to my fullest ability. 

Name: Ryan Garza
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
School: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Major: Political Science
Placement: The Office of Congressman Ed Pastor (AZ-4)

Above all else, I am trying to get better understand the way politics work in Washington D.C.  I view this as a once in a life time opportunity that can change my life for the better.  In all honesty, I feel this is an amazing learning experience that will allow me explore and see if politics is in my future, and if so, in what areas.

Name: Karen Quintana
Hometown: Rio Rico, Arizona
School: University of Arizona
Major: Political Science
Placement: The Office of Congressman Ciro Rodriguez (TX-23)

For the next twelve weeks, I hope to apply myself daily in order to gain valuable leadership, political, and professional experience that I can apply into my own community and future.  I believe that CHCI will assist me in learning and networking on Capitol Hill, skills that will help me grow professionally.  In addition, community service is very important to me and I hope to be able to discover different ways to better a community through service.  Ultimately, the opportunity to work for CHCI will be a learning experience of a lifetime and I am ready to be taught.

Name: Edwin Rosado
Hometown: Haverstraw, New York
School: College of Saint Rose
Major: History
Placement: The Office of Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez (NY-12)

During the twelve weeks in Washington, DC, I am hoping to further develop my leadership skills. I would like the gain tools that would be useful in accomplishing goals that I am working toward. These goals include working toward law school, better representing the Hispanic community, and how to better work for the betterment of under or poorly represented people.