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Armando J. Santiago - Entry 2

What has been the most challenging moment during your first three weeks of the internship?

I quickly realized that the level of professionalism required of government officials and staff is much greater than I anticipated. Regardless of warning and training prior to working with our Congressional offices, my professional demeanor was still somewhat rough around the edges. However, it is still a work in progress.

What has been the coolest moment during the first three weeks of your internship?

Seeing, meeting, and interacting with international dignitaries; running into the men and women leading the legislative branch of this government; all of which took place in my first two days of work at Capitol Hill. Just recently, I also met and talked with prominent political figures from Puerto Rico.

What experience has most inspired you thus far and why?

Recently, I have been somewhat uncertain as to the best path to take for achieving my life-long dreams. However, a recent conversation with a greatly admired Puerto Rican political figure, cast away all doubt. We spoke of his past experiences and my future plans: the similarities were both exhilarating and encouraging.

If you had to make up a slogan, ten words or less, that represents your internship experience thus far, what would it be?

Work for it. Go for it. The time is now!