Cristobal Salinas, Jr. - Entry 5

What is the most valuable lesson you learned during your internship?

One of the most valuable lessons that I have learned during my internship in D.C. is that everything is possible. Everyday in D.C. has unexpected times with new challenges, ideas and new experiences. I have been challenged in many levels at the office, in the city, and at the dormitory from the other interns. I have learned new ideas on how to become a better leader, how to over come obstacles and challenges, and how to be a responsible citizen. I have been exposed to new experiences; working on the Senate side, meeting Ambassadors from all over the world, riding in the elevators with Senators, meeting friends with different points of views, eating Ethiopian food, riding the D.C. Metro, among many other experiences. During my stay in D.C., I have learned many valuable lessons that I will take with me wherever I go. I am leaving Washington, D.C. with a good sense of what I want do, with 23 new friends from across the nation, and with an eager anticipation of what is to come.

Please summarize your internship experience in one word. Beautiful.