Week Four: The Voices of the American People

In a polarized country, it is important for the courts to stay independent. During her confirmation hearing, Elena Kagan said, “The court must respect the choices made by the American people,” which is something the courts must do in the current political climate. The country is currently divided between liberals and conservatives, and it is important for Kagan to remain impartial and not just vote with her political views whenever a case comes to her – and this is what makes the judicial branch the most unique, for it is not dictated by public opinion. I believe that Kagan will exceed all expectations as a Supreme Court judge just as she has exceeded in her career. I went to briefing that discussed the effects of the nomination of Elena Kagan, and one of the panelists said that in some instances only a woman could understand certain things that happen to other women. I agree, and this is another reason why I believe she will be a great addition to the court.