Week Three: Highlights of the Hill

Working on Capitol Hill is amazing! My first two days were a little slow. I learned to handle the phone and constituents, and I also learned how to sort the mail. However, I started going to hearings the third day and it has been amazing. I’ve been attending hearings on racial profiling, the immigration system, cyber-security, cyber-bullying, press freedom in the Americas, the future of the U.S. Post Office, and also about pollination. I love to learn new things, so I feel like I have hit jackpot. In addition, I am starting to see a lot of Members of Congress that I see on TV and also Members of Congress that have done a lot of good for the American people. My boss, Congressman Ed Pastor from Arizona, is simply amazing. I have also met Congressmen Grijalva, Stupak, and Rangel. I have seen Kucinich, Pelosi, Reid, and Hoyer. I just need to meet Congressman Gutierrez, and I will be a happy man. The people in my office are amazing, including my supervisor, who really wants me to learn as much as I can. The toughest challenge I have had so far are the angry constituent callers. I have to be courteous no matter how outrageous or insulting the callers’ comments are. Also, getting lost in the sub-basement is inevitable…why don’t they have maps? Finally, I love writing down the constituents' messages or comments to the congressman, because he actually reads them. This may seem like the easiest task in the world; however, it's very important to Congressman Pastor, and I feel extremely proud every time I write these messages down.