Week Three: Highlights of the Hill

Plastic bags from “The Supply Store” are made out of polyethylene; they stretch and accommodate large loads. Today’s load: one hundred note pads, one hundred heavy note pads. I winced at the idea of carrying everything back to the office. Each hand anxiously grasped its own plastic bag containing fifty note pads. Under other circumstances, I would have liked to pass the task on to another person, but my office trusted the job to me. My job was to transport the pads to the office without grief. While it may seem to be mundane labor, I see these tasks like small brushstrokes of a larger portrait. One of these note pads will reach someone in a meeting, and they will have an idea and write it down. This idea could lead to a revolution of agricultural production, change the way doctors and scientist confront cancer, or pave the way to energy independence. Yet before anything happens, the foundation must be laid. I have to be just like the plastic bags, willing to stretch and bend to accommodate my load. Some how the load just got heavier.