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Week Five: Coalition Building

When a person is a leader of a community he or she must remember that there are other groups or people that want to solve their own problems. Attempting to solve the problems in the Latino communities by establishing cultural and English learning programs at schools would definitely help the Hispanic communities, but it can alienate the other communities. For instance, if many different programs that are aimed at increasing Latino English speaking skills were enacted at schools, other people might become angry because their tax dollars are contributing towards something that they feel doesn’t benefit them. Thus, our task at the Tri-caucus Youth Summit this past Friday was to build coalitions among several groups in a similar situation in a fictional town. In my opinion, I believe that enacting several non-profit programs that help naturalize eligible immigrants (the Latino and Asian communities) and programs that help register people to vote (from Latino, Asian, and Black communities) would greatly benefit everybody. In addition, having a candidate that represent all minorities, and not just one specific type of minority, would be a great way to bring everyone together. Having candidates that just worry about their own community maintains a division between other groups.