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Week Five: Giving Back to Our Community

…And the blue foam was everywhere. The day was a record high; the sun blaring through the empty window clearing and I, sitting inside the half built house with a blunt construction knife, was poking holes in the foam. It was very stubborn material; my knife, leaving only a faint impression, failed me and I reached for a blunt metal scrap; the foam was winning. As the sweat poured, I became frustrated and, at that moment, I wanted to stab the foam until it succumbed. In retrospect, the foam didn’t matter; my part in the construction of this house didn’t matter; what mattered was that I was giving a stranger a hand in the same way people in my life have offered their hands. I was not building a house; machines can build houses, but a home for a family to grow together in and in a couple of weeks when the house is presented, the family will make it their home. As I walk through my house, memories of birthdays, family dinners, and holidays come flooding and the four walls that surround me transform into my home. In this house, I’ll always remember the blue foam.