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Week One: First week in Washington, DC

To all of you window shopping Fashionistas out there: Think you've encountered the best of the best fashion after window shopping down 5th Ave, Rodeo Drive, or Michigan Ave? Well, you ain't seen nothin yet! After walking into the wonderful world, or should I say exhibit, of the First Ladies of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., I can say I have come across the cream of the crop in fashion and window shopping. Forget all of those Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, and Marc Jacobs dresses - The spotlight here is on the dresses that have been worn and donated to the Smithsonian by various United States' first ladies. Nothing can compare to the stunning one-shouldered silk evening gown that Jacky Kennedy wore to the Kennedy administration's first state dinner. Or First Lady Michelle Obama's white one-shouldered, chiffon inaugural gown. Tons of eye-catching gowns left all of us women there wishing that we could try at least one of these dresses on. Walking down these halls felt as though I was walking through window shopping heaven! After spending my first week in Washington D.C., I can say that this is one moment that I cannot and will not forget. While I have stumbled upon a ton of fun things here in D.C., I have to say this was both an intriguing and educational first experience at the Smithsonian. This surely tops my list of things to remember as a CHCI summer 2010 intern!