CHCI Inside the Leader Studio

CHCI's inaugural "Inside the Leader Studio" program features as guests CHCI Chair Rep. Charles A. Gonzalez and CHCI Alumni Association President Luis Campillo and is hosted by veteran television commentator Alicia Menendez.

The program is produced in partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters.
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The purpose of the program is to highlight Latino leaders and CHCI's efforts to develop the next generation in the face of dramatic need and Hispanic population growth.  CHCI's long-term goal with the "Inside the Leader Studio" is to produce quarterly programs that continue to feature Latino leaders from CHCI's distinguished board of directors and advisory council and CHCI alumni engaged in substantive discussions around education, leadership, opportunities for advancement, and the national imperative to educate Latinos to ensure future success for the country. 

Please enjoy the show and share it with your friends and family!!