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Conference Week- A Call to Action

This year's conference week flew by, with little time to catch ones breath. When I look back at this week's events, I truly am grateful that I can participate with the prime leaders and decision makers of our great nation. It was like being at an NBA All-Star game, being in the presence of Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Congressman Xavier Becerra, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Senator Robert Menendez, Speaker Nancy Pelosi etc... I am use to seeing these members of Congress on TV, never mind brushing shoulders with them. The advantage of attending the CHCI Conference is that one could hear the latest information from the top policy officials. One day you could learn the issues confronting health care while the next hour you learn about the green economy and how it can positively impact our Latino communities. I attended the Healthcare Reform: Impact on the Latino Community summit. The summit moderator was the Hon. Lucille Roybal-Allard, a congresswoman leading the fight for health care reform. By attending this summit, it gave me a chance to hear from health care leaders who pressed why health care reform is so badly needed. Each presenter was armed with statistics, personal experience, and patient testimonials that truly showed me the dire realities that people are facing because of the lack of health care and health professionals in their communities. As the week went by, it confirmed the importance of being involved as a participant of policy building rather than a bystander. There are many other stakeholders, policy experts, public officials, and community organizers that are a wealth of knowledge and motivation. If you are truly invested in trying to make an impact for our communities and Nation than you can connect with others and inform yourself and your community about how to get involved and create a change in policy.