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First Lady of Mexico Thanks TCA For Ambulance Donation to Mexican Red Cross

First Lady of Mexico Thanks TCA For Ambulance Donation to Mexican Red Cross

At the launch for the Mexican Red Cross's 2009 fundraising drive, First Lady Margarita Zavala Calderón thanked the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) for the donation of two ambulances to the Mexican Red Cross to serve the people of Tabasco, Mexico. The ceremony, held at the President's residence, was symbolic of the close ties between Mexico, Turkey and the United States and was attended by Lincoln McCurdy, President of TCA and William Gill, Vice President of Programs of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, who traveled together to Mexico for the ceremony. 

(l-r) Daniel Goni Diaz, President of the Mexican Red Cross; Margarita Zavala de Calderon, First Lady of Mexico; Lincoln McCurdy, President of TCA; William Gil, Vice President Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute at the Presidential Residence in Mexico City.

TCA dedicated the two ambulances to Congressman Solomon Ortiz (TX-27) and Congressman Silvestre Reyes (TX-16). The dedication was designed to recognize the efforts by Congressman Ortiz and Congressman Reyes, who are deans of the Hispanic Caucus and members of the Turkish Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives to bring together the people of Mexico, Turkey and the United States.

Congressman Ortiz stated the following on the occasion: "I am honored that the Turkish Coalition of America donated ambulances on behalf of Congressman Silvestre Reyes and me to assist with the relief efforts in Mexico. This shows the bond between two peoples who share a common experience of destruction and hardship, but are willing to offer their services to help each other out. I am proud to be a part of this partnership between Turkish Americans and the Mexican Red Cross, and this goodwill gesture will forever be a testament to that partnership." 

Mexico endured one of its worst national disasters in November of 2007 when the state of Tabasco was hit by a hurricane, causing massive flooding and the destruction of tens of thousands of homes and schools, as well as the state's crops. The flooding left over a million people homeless, an estimated one-third of the victims were children. In hopes of a more immediate recovery in future cases of need, two ambulances have been donated to the Mexican Red Cross by TCA as a gesture of friendship.

"Bringing together Turkish Americans, Hispanic Americans and the citizens of Mexico builds bridges and friendships that will last long into the future," said Lincoln McCurdy. "While it is true that shared adversity was the catalyst for this donation, the result has been a shared understanding and a desire to work together in the future."

"The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute  is proud to support the efforts of the TCA to generate friendships and mutual understanding with the people of Mexico and Hispanic Americans," said William Gil, Vice President of Programs for the CHCI, "Programs like this are essential to bringing together cultures, peoples and nations throughout the world."  The CHCI is one of the leading Hispanic non-profit organizations in the US. 

Turkish Americans know firsthand the critical role international assistance plays in saving lives and rebuilding after witnessing the kindness of the international community when Turkey was struck by major earthquakes in August of 1999. Nations across the globe, the United States and the American people in particular, showed great support and sympathy to Turkey during its most dire days.  Mexico and its people also contributed life saving aid and rescue resources which helped alleviate the suffering of those impacted by this earthquake. This gift from Turkish Americans to the people of Tabasco, Mexico is a way of showing solidarity to victims of natural disasters. 


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