2009 CHCI Alumni Impact Study

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Executive Summary

As the dramatic population growth of the Latino community in the United States continues, it is imperative that Latinos are well-prepared and well-represented in leadership positions within the public, private and non-profit sectors. Over the last 28 years, CHCI leadership programs have shaped the personal and professional career paths of over 1,000 Latinos to help it achieve its mission of "Developing the Next Generation of Latino Leaders."

CHCI's alumni represent the success of its leadership programs in all sectors of the United States society. In early 2009, CHCI identified 1,031 alumni who had participated in their three leadership development programs since 1981. This independent analysis of CHCI alumni provides strong evidence that CHCI programs increase professional career opportunities for program participants, and prepare Latinos for leadership positions in public, private and not-for-profit sectors, which benefits the United States. The following are highlights from the CHCI alumni survey:

CHCI programs enhance career opportunities:
• 78 percent stated they would or may not be where they are today professionally without their CHCI experience
• Nearly 65 percent stated that their CHCI experience helped them find their desired job.
• Over 85 percent of alumni stated the CHCI experience provided them a career advantage over Latinos without a similar experience.
• 95 percent of respondents had a positive outlook for their career opportunities after participation in CHCI programs.
• Over 90 percent of respondents asserted their CHCI experience would be useful to them in their career.

CHCI programs develop participants' professional skills:
• Over 75 percent of respondents shared that CHCI programs improved their leadership skills.
• 81 percent of respondents agreed participation in CHCI programs increased their confidence in their abilities and interpersonal skills.
• For close to 90 percent of alumni, CHCI programs impacted their exposure to the legislative process, increased their network and peer relations.
• 56 percent of alumni stated that participation in a CHCI program motivated them to seek a higher degree that they first aspired

CHCI increases Latino representation in the public policy sector:
• Close to 10 percent of alumni have served as an elected official or political appointee.
• Over 85 percent of respondents believe their CHCI experience increased their interest in a career in the public sector.
• Over 50 percent of alumni are currently employed in either the public or non-profit sectors.
• Over 50 percent of alumni were offered a permanent position at a congressional office or in their placement office as a result of their CHCI experience.
• Close to one-third of CHCI alumni (30 percent) worked on Capitol Hill after completing their program. Of these, 76 percent worked on Capitol Hill from one to three years.

CHCI's develops Latino leaders that are civically engaged, socially responsible, build multi-cultural coalitions and promote the value of Hispanic heritage:
• About 75 percent of alumni responded that a CHCI program increased their engagement with their Hispanic heritage.
• Just over 70 percent of alumni agreed that a CHCI program increased their commitment to social responsibility.
• Close to 70 percent of responding alumni cited an increase in their civic engagement after participation.
• Two-thirds (66 percent) of alumni understood the need to build multi-cultural coalitions.

About CHCI
CHCI is the premier Hispanic nonprofit and nonpartisan 501(c)(3) leadership development organization in the country that educates, empowers, and connects Latino youth by providing leadership development programs and educational services. CHCI directly impacts the lives of more than 1,700 students and young professionals each year through its fellowships, congressional internships, scholarships, Ready to Lead (R2L®) college readiness program, and R2L NextGen program. CHCI NextOpp is its latest resource allowing young Latinos to save, search and share life-changing opportunities for Latinos across the United States.

The CHCI Board of Directors is comprised of Hispanic members of Congress, nonprofit, union and corporate leaders. Visit www.chci.org, or join us on Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

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