CHCI Hosts Inaugural Program for High School Students in D.C.

CHCI's inaugural High School Latino Leaders in D.C. program will be held July 10-15, 2011. In partnership with the Close Up Foundation and State Farm Insurance, CHCI will bring 20 low-income high school students from five cities across the country to D.C. to learn about how the Federal Government works, meet important leaders, visit historic sites and develop a deeper understanding of how they can affect positive change in their communities and their nation.

CHCI will enhance these experiences by introducing them to a variety of Latino public policy leaders. Through these interactions, students will not only see the important role Latinos play in impacting the day-to-day operations of our nation, but also have the opportunity to meet and connect with mentors who may have come from similar backgrounds and gone on to achieve successful careers.

The 20 student participants in this first year of the program represent five cities where CHCI held Ready to Lead events during the 2010-11 academic year: Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Phoenix. Each participant attended their local Ready to Lead program and represents the diverse range of students who participate in this program each year.

CHCI is pleased to welcome these 20 high school leaders:

Michael Alvarez
Montebello, CA         
Fiorella Garcia
Dallas, TX                         
Vanessa Hernandez
Los Angeles, CA                
Veronica Morales
Irving, TX
Luis Calderon
Miami, FL
Guadalupe Garza
Dallas, TX
Kathya Marte
Bronx, NY
Maria Paez
Doral, FL
Nayadis Couce
Miami, FL
Anacaren Gonzalez
Pacoima, CA
Noe Medrano
Phoenix, AZ
Jesus Palma
Santa Monica, CA
Orlando Duran
Phoenix, AZ
Mercedes Gonzalez
Maricopa, AZ
Matthew Mercado
Bronx, NY
Michael Reyes
Miami, FL
Stephany Feijoo
Miami, FL
VictorRene Gonzalez
Maricopa, AZ               
Jeniva Morales
Dallas, TX                  
Julian Rodriguez
Bronx, NY

Download file CHCI HSLLDC Participant Profile