CHCI Partners with Study Abroad Program in Spain

CHCI recently partnered with the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid, Spain, Georgetown University, Escuela Diplomática of Spain, and Telefónica to conduct an initiative designed to examine foreign policy and international relations between Latin America and the United States.

CHCI sponsored two students to participate in the four-month program which includes a four-week study abroad component in Madrid, Spain.

"I was able to learn first-hand information on the European Union, the economic crisis, and the U.S. perspective of the EU," said Nayrobi Mariel Rodriguez, CHCI sponsored participant.

Rodríguez received her bachelor's degree in political science from SUNY College at Buffalo, New York and her master's degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from American University. The four-month programs ends in September and upon completion, participants earn a certificate in international law, politics, or economics from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid, Spain.