HUD Secretary Donovan Meets with Fellows and Interns

The 2009-2010 CHCI Fellows and 2010 Spring Interns met with Shaun Donovan, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, on Friday, April 23. The secretary addressed several topics and urged the fellows and interns to pursue careers in public service.

Secretary Donovan admitted that he had never considered the public sector before realizing the scope of the work and the degree to which he could help others. He added that President Obama has gone a long way toward making the public sector much more appealing.

Secretary Donovan took several questions from his guests. When asked what the toughest aspect of his role has been thus far, he did not hesitate to cite the recent foreclosure crisis. "It's tough to see once-thriving communities in terms of homeownership decimated by this crisis," he shared.

He addressed the importance of the 2010 Census, one of HUD's most important tools in researching potential development. This note struck a special chord with the fellows and interns, who over the past several months have devoted countless hours to promoting participation in the 2010 Census within the Latino community.  After finishing the question-and-answer session, Secretary Donovan posed for photos with both classes.