Week Five: Giving Back to Our Community

Giving back to the community through various projects are some of the most important things that I have ever done. Giving back does not only benefit the person that the organization a person is working with seeks to help, but it also benefits the volunteers. I believe that the community service experience can expand a person’s mind. It adds knowledge. For instance, how can a person, such as a politician, advocate for or against benefits that help low-income households without ever volunteering at a soup-kitchen, homeless shelter, or even at habitat for humanity? A strong leader will know, from experience, what it’s like at ground zero. Next, volunteering for an organization will encourage many others to volunteer as well, especially those who needed the help in the first place. I know this, because I come from a low income family that needed help when I was younger. I am very thankful to the organizations that helped my family growing up. I always feel an indescribable feeling every time I volunteer for a charitable organization, because I know that I am helping someone the same way that others helped me.