Week Four: The Voices of the American People

Picture it, the grandeur of a congressional reception: the crystal chandeliers complementing the regal gold engravings reminiscent of the Greco-Roman tradition. A table, standing in the middle of the room, dressed in a white cloak with lace trim, displays a banquet of filet mignon and selections of red wines; at the very end of the table, the desserts: raisin cookies. Raisins: the dry cast of once plump, juicy grapes; yield to an easy pinch. In the unspoken hierarchy of cookies, the raisin cookie isn’t in the same league as the beloved chocolate chip. The raisin treads silently, providing what comfort it can. Throughout the Capitol, I come across the portraits of the past; great men and women have carved their names into the walls of Congress to better shape our nation and I… well I am an infinitesimal speck without garnish. In the elegance of the reception, the raisin will be forgotten. In my hand, I hold the raisin cookie with a sense of curiosity; today we’ll give the moment to the raisin cookie.