Week One: First Week in Washington, DC

Orientation week was intense. Clearly, the ropes course was what stood out to me the most. There was an activity where we were latched on to a rope. Then, we had to pull that latch to break ourselves free from the rope, which would then send us swinging back and forth at a fairly high altitude. I cannot describe it any clearer, but I can only describe how scared I was. Guess what, I was volunteered to go first! I had no idea what to expect…our instructor, Chad, told me what to do, but he never told me what was going to happen. I knew it was going to be scary though. However, I purposely put on a macho act so that I wouldn’t scare the others…because they all look up to me. Just kidding! I was scared and it showed! One last thing that struck me the most happened after our first reception. We walked across the capitol building and through the park area during the evening. There weren’t any tourists, and everything looked beautiful and serene. As we walked through the park area, we saw fireflies. The weather was perfect and I felt like staying there forever.