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Week Three: Highlights of the Hill

"Oh I'm so sorry, I thought you were Kate!"

It would seem that I would know the names of the staffers after one week of working at the office but that was clearly not the case. I continuously confused one staffer with another and seemed to be on a constant hunt to match names to faces while trying to complete specific tasks. Now, there is no doubt that the mind can work in very unique ways, especially when working under pressure, but I sure do need to work on memorization skills. This has probably been one of the bigger challenges I have come across after working on the hill for two weeks. It seems that this issue carries over into many more issues. I have to know the staffer's name in order to transfer calls, deliver mail, send email and faxes and if I don't know their names, how am I supposed to get the task done? Fortunately, little by little, I have begun to memorize names and the specific responsibilities each staffer has. I can't refrain from mentioning that everyone in the office has been extremely helpful and thankfully no one has gotten mad when I have confused them with someone else. Word of advice to all of you with a memory like mine: try your best to learn people's names as soon as you meet them and find a unique method that will help YOU memorize names quickly; it will truly make your life easier.