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Angie Lizeth Cruz

October 2006

Growing up in a low income barrio in the city of La Puente, California while surpassing frontiers, languages, and personal hardships has allowed Angie Lizeth Cruz to realize and reflect on her culture’s needs and aspirations. At 18 years of age, it’s safe to say that she has a clear idea of what she wants to do in her life. It involves contributing to an achieved prestigious name for Latinos in educational, professional, social, political, local and global terms.

Angie graduated from Nogales High School with honors and recognition for her outstanding participation in the International Baccalaureate program. Along with excelling in her rigorous academic high school career, Angie has achieved extracurricular acknowledgment upon her deep involvement in the Spanish Honors Society, M.E.Ch.A, Herencia Latina, and the A.P. Spanish Club. She was also a member of the swimming team, drama club, art club, and National Honors Society. Aside from her participation in various areas of study, Angie served as editor-in-chief of her high school’s yearbook, a position in which she brought many positive changes and improvements while uniting the staff, including her teacher advisors.

Who’s Who Among High School Students recognized Angie for her academic achievements and was awarded with the President’s Award for Educational Excellence her senior year. She was in the Principal’s Honor roll for consecutive semesters and was named Renaissance scholar in her high school. Angie participated in events such as the Metropolitan Water District’s Solar Boat Competition, uniting many high schools in Southern California to put to practice the laws of physics in the building of a solar boat. She was a highly active member of the Spanish Honors Society, in which she served as council for the initiation of new members. Angie’s wide interest in the Spanish language is reflected on her excellent performance in the A.P. Spanish Language and A.P. Spanish Literature courses in which she achieved superior grading marks and received a perfect score for Collegeboard’s A.P. test. She was also one of two students in her school district who was recognized for obtaining a perfect score on the SAT Spanish subject test.

Angie’s humanitarian spirit and interest in Psychology led her to become a volunteer at a home for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. She is also a volunteer at her local elementary school, where she tutors young kids and encourages them to continue their schooling and to, like herself, never allow race, stereotypes, personal adversities, and financial obstacles to get in the way of receiving the best possible education. Aside from focusing in her academics, extra curricular and upholding a part-time job, Angie endured a great loss. The death of the most important man in her life, her father, provided Angie with great maturity and strength. His story, humble character, and the legacy he has left for Angie has given her the drive to succeed and to help others succeed and prosper as well.

She was accredited for her unique and superior writing skills at a very young age from teachers and her school district, and this interest is precisely what she intends to explore along with majoring in Communication and minoring in Latin American Studies at the University of California, San Diego. Her professional dream is to one day, be the voice of her quiet and uninformed culture. She plans to achieve this dream through journalism or television media at a Spanish network like Univision.

She credits her humble Mexican roots for her determined character and vows to make a positive difference in her University and in society. “I want to live my life giving tribute to my dad through helping others and honoring my ancestors by writing and upholding the cultural richness and potential of Hispanics through education.” Angie’s drive and compassionate nature is proof of the potential she has to touch the lives of others. Her sterling character and the experiences she has already endured at a very young age are to be admired.

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