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Imelda Cortez

December 2008

Imelda Cortez, born to Mexican-American parents, is a 17 year old from Tucson, Arizona, who aspires to be the first in her family to attend college. She works with Pueblo Magnet High School’s Parent Association helping with such things as cooking meals for teachers and staff on grading days to helping with a parent English class and helping set-up for various functions that go on throughout the school year.

Imelda was accepted in the 2008 Youth Empowerment Summer Program which is a youth health “promotora” training based out of the Kino Teen Center. The focus of the program is to introduce youth to community sustainability in the area of public health. Imelda successfully graduated as an introductory lay teen health “promotora.”

As a young Latina newly introduced to the game of golf in a community where golf is not valued as an important activity, Imelda took the opportunity to learn the game as a possible life long activity and because of her commitment to golf she was selected as captain of the team. This year she has placed second overall in three matches against other high schools. Imelda has also proven to make a positive impact in her local community by becoming involved in an important project. The Chicano Studies Department invited speakers from Tierra y Libertad Organization which consists of the beautification of a local neighborhood. She is currently working on a neighborhood farm project, where they learn about the various methods of water harvesting and are currently getting ready to plant in the community.

With all of these ongoing activities, Imelda carries a high GPA and is an exceptional student/athlete. She plans to attend college and receive a degree in Business Management with a minor in Chicano Studies. Her Latino heritage is part of the force that drives her to pursue and finish the tasks at hand. Imelda’s dedication, commitment, and abundant service distinguish her as a CHCI Young Leader of Today.

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