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Raven Medina

February 2008

At just 18 years old, Raven Medina has already established herself as an outstanding young leader in her community of San Antonio, TX. Raven’s contributions to the lives of those in San Antonio are exemplified by the over 550 hours of volunteer service which she has performed with various non-profit organizations.

Raven’s civic engagement first developed itself during her participation in various marches aimed at raising awareness of social justice issues while attending elementary school. Along with her awareness-raising activities, Raven also gained an understanding of compassion and the inherent worth of every person by devoting much of her time working with a young autistic girl.

Presently concluding her final high school semester, Raven is a young adult who exudes leadership qualities with an evident commitment to public service. Along with her demanding educational pursuits, Raven has devoted a substantial amount of her time volunteering with many prominent social service agencies throughout the city of San Antonio. Her extensive experience in civic causes has catapulted her to a status of influence by members of the community. She is now requested to co-facilitate workshops, participate in the planning of marches, collaborate with other professionals, and give public speeches.

Raven’s myriad accomplishments have been celebrated by being the recipient of awards such as the Model United Nations “Best Country Delegation Award” and the “Citizen-K Award.” Raven’s dedication to both academic and civic excellence distinguishes her as a CHCI Young Leader of Today.

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