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CHCI Junior Alumni Congratulations Class of 2013!

CHCI is gearing up for our 2013 R2L NextGen program, taking place July 14-19, 2013. With the support of our founding sponsor, State Farm Insurance, as well as Southwest Airlines, the Official Airline Sponsor of the 2013 Leadership Development Programs, R2L NextGen will bring 40 high school students from nine cities across the United States to D.C. for a week long civic engagement and leadership program.

The program, formerly known as High School Latino Leaders in D.C., has served 60 students since 2011. These 60 young leaders have the distinction of being recognized as junior members of the CHCI Alumni Association. CHCI has continued to connect with these young leaders as they progress through high school and into college.

Earlier this summer, 25 of these junior alumni graduated from high school, joining five junior alumni already in college. We are thrilled to report that of the 30 past participants who were scheduled to graduate by spring 2013, 100% have graduated from high school and 96% are enrolled in college.

Melina Hernandez, a 2012 participant from Brooklyn, NY, will be attending American University in the fall and plans to major in political science at the School of Public Affairs. She is one of many dynamic R2L NextGen graduates who are preparing themselves through higher education to be the next generation of Latino leaders. “The CHCI R2L NextGen program allowed me to explore my passion for government and law, Says Melina. Now I credit the program for inspiring to think big and apply to American University!”

Melina’s fellow alumni are also doing great things. The class of 2013 boasts two Gates Millennium Scholars, a Dell Scholar, a Milken Scholar, and one student, who through dual enrollment graduated with a high school diploma and associate degree simultaneously, will begin her undergraduate career this fall as a junior. A full list of our junior alumni and their plans for next year can be found below. CHCI would like to congratulate the Junior Alumni Class of 2013 on their amazing accomplishments!

Salvador Acosta, 2012
Texas Lutheran University
Irania Felix, 2012
South Mountain Community College

 Maria Isabella Paez, 2011
Boston University (sophomore)

Sandra Arteaga, 2012
University of Arizona
Marina Garcia, 2012
San Antonio Community College

Jasmin Palomares, 2012
Duke University

Jose Bahena, 2012
University of Illinois at Chicago
Guadalupe Garza, 2011
University of Texas, Dallas

Stephanie Revilla, 2012
New York City College of Technology

 Katherine Barahona, 2012
Duke University,
Gates Millenium Scholar

Vanessa Hernandez, 2011
University of California Berkeley (sophomore)
Thomas Rivera, 2012
Pomona College
Gates Millenium Scholar, Milken Scholar
Luis Calderon, 2011
Miami Dade College
Melina Hernandez, 2012
American University
Julian Rodriguez, 2011
LaGuardia Community College
Rocio De La Cruz, 2012
San Diego State University
Krystal Hernandez, 2012
Graduate of Miami Dade College; transferring to University of Florida Honors program

Jennifer Salcido, 2012
California State University 
Long Beach

Bryan Diaz, 2012
Florida International University

Kaitlyn Montan, 2012
Southern Methodist University
 Fernando Sigala, 2012
University of Southern California

Orlando Duran, 2011
Arizona State University, Full Ride (sophomore)

Jeniva Morales, 2011
University of Texas Arlington (sophomore)
Frank Trujillo, 2012
Miami Dade College North Campus 

Stephany Feijoo, 2011
Florida International University (sophomore)

Esli Murillo, 2012
New York University
Yoselin Vasquez, 2012
Lewis and Clark College, 
Dell Scholar