2012 Hispanic Heritage Month Events Huge Success

With a combined attendance of more than 3,000 people, CHCI's 2012 Hispanic Heritage Month Events have concluded and once again they were a huge success! The Public Policy Conference, Reyes of Comedy, and 35th Annual Awards Gala demonstrated how for 35 years CHCI has been committed to Keeping the Founders' Promise of Developing the Next Generation of Latino Leaders.

CHCI would like to once again thank its generous sponsors of the various Hispanic Heritage Month Events, Public Policy Conference, and 35th Anniversary Awards Gala. Through their support, CHCI is able to fulfill its mission of  developing the next generation of Latino leaders by offering life-changing college readiness programs, scholarships, internships, and fellowships that provide professional development, leadership training, and networking opportunities with a powerful group of Latino leaders. The majority of funds raised by Hispanic Heritage Month events will be dedicated to advancing CHCI's programs.

If you missed any part of the conference or Gala, please visit www.livestream.com/chci to watch the main events and relive the exceptional commentary, lively discussion, and thoughtful perspectives.