CHCI Fellows and Interns Meet with Secretary Arne Duncan

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CHCI Fellows and Interns met with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on Friday, October 19, at his office in Washington, D.C. to discuss current and future education issues and policies.  The 34 young professionals and undergraduate students came prepared with detailed and knowledgeable questions on the current state of education in our country. This event represents the third group of CHCI program participants Duncan has met with in the past two years.

CHCI President & CEO Esther Aguilera introduced Duncan to the group before launching into a discussion on issues that included Race to the Top, No Child Left Behind, the nations’ achievement gap, and academic standards.  Duncan said he is interested in closing the “opportunity gap” along with the achievement gap.  He went on to say that “third grade test scores don’t mean anything if the kids don’t go on to graduate high school.”

CHCI would like to thank Secretary Duncan for his time and CHCI alumni at the Department of Education, Gabriella Gomez and Alejandra Ceja, for facilitating this wonderful opportunity for the interns and fellows.