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Watch the Cesar Chavez Movie This Weekend & Sign the Petition

Join the Movement &
Spread the Word

On March 28th, the nation will finally get the opportunity to watch the critically acclaimed movie, Cesar Chávez, about the life story of one of the most important civil rights figures in U.S. history, starring Michael Peña and America Ferrera. CHCI has worked closely with the cast and director, Diego Luna, to make sure that this unique and often overlooked part of our civil rights history gets the attention it deserves.

Films like Cesar Chávez are judged by how well they do at the box office its opening weekend, which is why it's crucial that we help spread the word—so movies like this succeed and others like it are made!

CHCI is encouraging everyone to organize Meet-Ups in their areas and watch the movie this weekend (March 28-30) with family and friends.

>>Download a step-by-step guide to help organize your event.

>>See what others are doing at www.chavezmovieseeit.com.

Sign the Petition

CHCI is also proud to join the Cesar Chavez Foundation in signing the petition to declare March 31 as the Cesar Chavez National Day of Service. We encourage all of our supporters and program participants to join the efforts to create a day of service that we can all be proud of.

Cesar Chavez was not just a champion for workers' rights, but an American hero. This day will both honor and remember his great work, and continue his central mission: that when workers are treated fairly, everybody benefits.

>>Join the movement and urge the President to declare March 31 as the Cesar Chavez National Day of Service by signing the petition.