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Eugenia (Gina) Murillo

December 2007

As a small child, Eugenia (Gina) Murillo grew up in Long Island City in Queens, NY. She would go on daily walks to the pier and would see the United Nations from afar. She was fascinated and intrigued that people with significantly opposing views and from all around the world came together, to discuss important global issues. Little did she know at that time that those leisurely walks would have a lasting impression on making future decisions in life.

For the past 8 years Gina has been an extremely active member of the Rockland County Girl Scouts. She has participated in numerous activities that focused on leadership and community service and has completed both the Silver and Gold Awards. Her Silver Award was obtained by collecting 400 CDs and developing a CD Music Rolling Cart Pharmacy for patients at her local community hospital. For her Gold Award, she developed and implemented a Girls Youth Conference which she held twice due to popular demand. The girls were of Hispanic heritage from social-economic disadvantaged families. It focused on helping each individual girl develop a profile on their inspirations, dreams, cultural values, diversity issues, fears, and obstacles to success.

During the past two years Gina was nominated by the Aspira Organization to be a Hispanic fellowship representative at the New York City Youth Bridge Program. She also participated in a Student Exchange Program to Germany cleaning a river with disabled youth.

Due to her exposure to diversity, strong family values, personal and community service experiences she developed a great intrigue about the differences that make the world interesting and complex. Her current career goals are to be a public health advocate, public policy leader, diplomat, and/or educator. Her dedication to make a difference in the world and offer her time to reach out to her community makes her a CHCI Young Leader of Today.

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